This New Hell

from by Soulless Faith



Is not enough for me
For many years I have believed
Despite the wealth that I have grown
I am a godless child

With every ruthless rite
to cast upon the lord of flies
black magic, human sacrifice
to please all of your delights

I´m, not alone
Hear you close,
Come to see my work
Wild, gruesome sights
This new Hell, I´ve built to satisfy

Engineered by a lunatic
infamous temple of savagery
in every corner the smell of death
swallows every light

And I
Will tremble within your grasp
from the expectation of meeting you at last
eternal winter beneath the skin
crawling from inside

I´m, not alone
Hear you close
Come to see my work
Wild, gruesome sights
This new Hell, I've built to satisfy

Committed in your name
Here in your throne I withstand the blame
Still you refuse to show your face
Ungrateful infidel

from Hell and stand by me
Crawl out from darkness, hear the screams
I´ve tortured thousands, drained their blood
Refuse your mocking scorn

Have you
forsaken me?

Generations, boiling in my darkest pits
Celebration, of my inhumanity
Mutilated, bodies twisting everywhere
Isolated, nobody answers me!


from No Life Till Death, released March 26, 2017
Soulless Faith



all rights reserved


Soulless Faith Montevideo, Uruguay

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